Helping a Beggar at the Store

This story comes from Sadie from Texas. She was the first response to the free big mac competition. There are still 3 more gift certificates to be won so write me your stories today. Here is the story.

Scott and I were in Carlsbad, New Mexico which is an old run down town in the middle of nowhere, but it has these amazing caverns near by so people visit the place. We were staying in a very shady hotel that made us uncomfortable drinking the water, so we decided to run to the nearby grocery store to buy some bottled water.

For whatever reason, Scott had a $100 bill and said we should break it into smaller bills. I went in to get the water while he sat in the van with the boys. I think I totally got the better end of the deal. Anyway, I went up the register with a gallon of water and some crackers, totaling like $7. I should add here, that I never use cash. I don’t like it. I’m always afraid I will lose it. I also don’t like having to account for it when I’m budgeting. It’s harder to keep track of it. So, I pull out my big bill and these two guys are kind of lingering around the cashier’s counter. I’m the only one there other than the check out lady. One guy is behind me on my right, and another on my left. I felt a little scared as the cashier counted out my $93. I hurriedly stuffed it all in my pocket and started to bolt for the door.

Then the guy on my left approaches me. He asked me if I had a few extra bucks. Of course I do, and he just saw it. He was like three feet away. I told him I did, but then I thought better. I had just read about the best ways to help bums. I didn’t want my two buck to go to something like cigarettes or alcohol. So, I thought, I’ll ask him what he needs it for, and if it’s food I go find some food in one of the isles for him.

I asked, and the guy told me some story about needing gas for his Harley to pick it up…. I didn’t really understand it all. So, I said, okay. I handed him two bucks and then bolted for the door.

I’m not sure if I really helped him or not, but I hope he used the small amount of money I gave him for a good cause.

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