One donation changed a life- Rudy’s Story

Christine, a volunteer at an outreach non-profit targeting the adult homeless community shares her experience with one homeless man. (the first response to the free big mac giveaway, and as you can see from the story- she didn’t share this for the big mac- Thanks Christine from Virginia)

“Rudy is a nice guy. He’s willing to work and does his level best to please The Lord. Some time back (a few months ago), I was in a position to provide Blue_Rudy with a guitar. He’d had the unfortunate experience of having most of his gear stolen from him, and being a musician he was satisfying his need to play by visiting a nearby music shop to pick at his favorite off the shelf. The shop was very kind and he put in many hours there… I went to the shop, found out which was his favorite and purchased it. I was able to give the guitar to him a few days later telling him it was a “directed donation”. (I explained it was a donation to The Micah Center but he was the intended recipient.) He was totally surprised and amazed that it was THE guitar he’d spent so much time with…”How did I know?!” he demanded to know. I simply stated a little bird spoke. It was wonderful to see his delight. With his new tool (he later named her “Michelle” as a feminine version of “Micah” in reference to the Center), he was able to start giving guitar lessons. With the money he was able to make giving lessons, he was able to file his tax return to get his refund (I guess he had to use some kind of service). With his refund, he was able to register his van (his home) and get it back on the road. With transportation, he was able to take odd jobs to try to stay employed. Much has happened since this, but it still warms my heart to know that this investment was able to provide so much more for someone.”

Blue_Rudy keeps his myspace updated by using the computers at The Micah Center, the library, and other places. It’s worth the time to check out if you are so inclined.

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